Target University - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Target University?

The program insurance industry is a relatively new phenomenon. While most program administrators are knowledgeable and experienced insurance people, Target University provides much needed "best practice" training in the wide range of disciplines which are key to running a successful Program Administration business.

Target University Mission

The Mission of Target University is to further promote best practices in program administration, enhance the status of Program Business in the insurance industry and recognize the specialized skill set of Program Specialists.

How are Courses Presented?

Target University Courses focus on a set of 12 disciplines that teach the basic skills of running a Program Administrator operation. Coursework that addresses each of these disciplines which will be delivered in an online format that can be accomplished at a pace that fits the schedule of each individual participant. Courses rage from 1.5 to 3 hours of content.

Who are Target University's Subject Matter Experts

The greatest strength of the TMPAA is the experience and expertise that exists in our membership. All Target University Courses are taught by our Program Administrator, Carrier, or Vendor members. These individuals are currently running program operations or providing services to this industry segment. This is not an academic exercise; it is a real world program business education.

Are CE Credits Available for this Coursework?

As a result of our very targeted education, CE credits are not currently available. The process for granting CE credits would not have allowed us to provide the unique education necessary to accomplish the University Mission. This is in contrast to similar industry education which focuses more on technical courses directly related to insurance.

What is a CPL Designation?

Certified Programs Leader (CPL). The TMPAA looks to recognize individuals in the Program Business segment of the insurance industry who have demonstrated program expertise through both experience and education.

What are the Requirements for earning the CPL Designation?

Following the successful completion of all 12 University Courses, the student may complete the application for the CPL Designation. The requirements to receive the TMPAA CPL Designation are as follows:

Can anyone take Target University Courses?

Yes, However, Not all participants will be eligible to earn the CPL Designation, which also factors in industry and program experience.

Target University coursework is geared for owners/CEOs or individuals that the owners and/or CEOs have chosen to potentially assume a major leadership role in the future. Coursework would also be applicable for Insurance Company Program Leaders or individuals who will assume a major leadership role in the future. TMPAA membership and other industry professionals will benefit from a presentation of administrative and strategic issues that are focused on building a successful program business operation.

Is there Course Testing Involved?

Yes. Students will be required to pass a test for individual course certificates, and have all 12 certificates to apply for the CPL Designation. Students are given several opportunities to pass each course test.

What are Target University Test Fees?

Members of the TMPAA will be charged $50 dollars for individual courses. Non-Members of the TMPAA will be charged $150 a course.

How do I Register and Take Courses?

Call (302) 268-1013 to sign up.